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Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Black Tea Whole Leaf 100 gms

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Darjeeling tea ~ a vivid black tea with floral notes and a finish which is sprightly… The dark-bright green gemstones of Darjeeling placed on the high terraced hills twinkle lush through the mists of the Himalayan sky. A rich, resplendent cup of joy hails from these luminous tea-leaves of Darjeeling. Behold its unique aurorally floral tone as your raise high your toast of happiness! Black tea from Darjeeling is the most common and classic form of tea that has not only been produced and known but gleefully accepted by all across the globe. Black tea undergoes the several phases of orthodox processing (i.e. withering or machine drying, rolling, fermenting, sorting etc.). Contrary to other types of teas, Darjeeling black tea is 100% oxidized. It is fully dried up and then carefully split up in order to absorb more oxygen. Going by the name, the tea is darkish in colour holding an effulgent display. It boasts of light floral tones alongside a blush of full-bodied enigma. A Cup of Vitality – Our pure Darjeeling tea is 100% certified organic. The belief and cultivation of organic certified practices has boosted soil fertility along with reducing soil erosion while preventing decay in the resulting quality of the teas produced. We give you natural, to make your sip blissful! Healthbuddy ORGANIC PREMIUM Darjeeling Black Tea Whole-leaf ~ created for the sagacious tea drinker who isn’t going to stop at anything but only the best! Sip on liquid sunshine with Healthbuddy Organic Premium Darjeeling Black Tea Whole-leaf!STEEPING INSTRUCTIONS: Steeping black tea is very easy a task. Simply bring fresh and filtered water to heat until rolling boil. Get the tea leaves in the boiled water, add sugar as per your preference and let it steep for 3-5 minutes. See the loose leaves unfurl right in front of you and enjoy the goodness of a rich and aromatic cup of black tea!


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